Production of Radionuclide Sources and Radiochemicals

JSC «SSC RIAR» is one Russia’s largest manufacturer of radionuclides, which are widely used in various areas, including nuclear engineering, agriculture and medicine as well as in research in general chemistry, physics, biotechnologies, meteorology, agro-chemistry and others.

The Radionuclide Sources & Radiochemicals Division has 34 hot cells and more than 30 shielded boxes. The biological shielding of 22 hot cells allows handling radioactive materials of up to 100000Ci; other hot cells are designed for 1000 – 20000Ci. Depending on the type of boxes, their biological shielding allows a safe handling of up to 100Ci.

The hot cells and boxes are equipped with devices for extraction and purification of target radionuclides from irradiated targets, manufacture of radionuclide sources and production of radiochemicals.

The Division has equipment to perform radiometry, radio-spectrometry, mass spectrometry and spectral analysis.

At present, the following facilities are under operation:

1. Facility to produce transplutonium elements and items comprises:

- Areas to reprocess targets with irradiated plutonium, americium and curium to produce.  Pu-242,  Am-243,   Cm-244, Cm-248, Bk-249, Cf-249, Cf-252.

- Area to manufacture Cm-244-based α-sources.

- Area to manufacture Cf-252-based neutron sources. 

2. Facility to produce radiochemicals on the basis of P-33;  Cr-51;  Mn-54;  Fe-59;   Sr-89;  Ru-106; Cd-109; Sn-113, 117m, 119m  and 121m; W-188; Tl-204.

- Area to extract P-33.

- Area to extract Sr-89, W-188 and other radionuclides.

3. Mo-99 production line.

4. I-125 production line.

5. I-131 production line.

6. Facility to manufacture gamma-sources based on Co-60, Se-75, Gd-153, Ir-192.